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After Sales

MeTasis Engineering provides its customers with an unrivalled combination of process expertise and service. MeTasis delivers complete filtration solutions, which exceed the customers expectations. MeTasis offers a comprehensive performance for life service concept for its filtration solutions. MeTasis Engineering's global after-sales service ensure continuously high equipment and process performance. Process optimizations, preventive maintenance, operation and maintenance training, total productivity improvement and product-upgrade services are just a few ways in which MeTasis Engineering's support its clients for the life of their solutions.

Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic Seals Replacement

Hydraulic Power
Pack Service

Hydraulic Power Pack Service

Supply of Auxiliary
Hydraulic Cylinders

Supply of Auxiliary Hydraulic Cylinders

Cast Silumin
Filter Plates

Cast Silumin Filter Plates

Technical Fabric
Filter Cloth

Technical Fabric Filter Cloth


Membrane Replacement

Hydaulic Cylinder

Hydaulic Cylinder Replacement